Planning a Shopping Trip

Stores are built to make money. Retailers may pride themselves on excellent customer service and entice us with special offers, […]

Topic: Saving Money

Store Circulars: Shopping for Savings

In our quest for saving the greatest amount of money on our groceries, let’s start by becoming familiar with all […]

Topic: Saving Money

Shop for Savings with a Price Book

There’s an initial amount of time involved in setting up a price book, but having this kind of information at our fingertips will help reduce our grocery budget. Do you think the time it takes to use a price book is worth the savings?

Topic: Saving Money

Snack Savings

Just because a large bag of chips is cheaper than a large bag of apples doesn’t mean eating healthy is out of our price range.

Topic: Saving Money

You Saved How Much?

Shopping for savings requires work. It takes a savvy shopper to seek out the bargains, match up the coupons, browse […]

Save by Shopping the Perimeter

Shopping for groceries is one of those chores that most of us do without putting any thought into the process. […]

Topic: Saving Money
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