Save Money on Fresh Produce

It’s extremely delicious and good for you, but fresh produce can be quite expensive. So how do you get your daily recommended allowance of these food groups without breaking the bank? An excellent way to save money on fruits and vegetables is to buy in bulk.

Grocers often discount bagged produce. While this can save a few cents per pound, just be sure the quality of the bagged items is consistent.

University of Tennessee Extension

Another way to buy fresh, cheap produce is to plan a trip to your local U-pick or farmer’s market. Not only will you be supporting local growers, but you’ll get the freshest produce available. Be prepared to either consume, can or freeze soon after purchase as the produce will be perfectly ripe.

Keep in mind that organic produce is generally higher in price. If you buy from a farm that isn’t listed as organic, ask why they aren’t. Some small farms are pesticide-free and use organic practices yet they don’t hold the organic certification. When buying from this type of grower you’ll save money and get a quality, healthy product.

When purchasing fruits and veggies in bulk, consider splitting the produce with family or friends, or canning and freezing for later consumption. This way you can get the best price and only keep the food you want.

When shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables:

  1. Pick small fruits as they usually cost less and are single-servings.
  2. Avoid damaged fruit and vegetables. Mold may quickly take it over.
  3. Don’t buy bruised produce unless you will immediately cook it.
  4. Cutting away a brown spot is a waste of produce and money.
  5. Buy in-season. These fruits and veggies are fresher, cheaper and more nutritious.
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