You Saved How Much?

Shopping for savings requires work. It takes a savvy shopper to seek out the bargains, match up the coupons, browse the aisles and suffer through the scowls of the person in line behind you when the cashier can’t ring up your Internet coupons.

All this work should rewarded, right? Our reward comes in the form of a lower grocery bill which allows us to pocket a little more of our incomes. But with reward should come recognition. Instead of texting your sister with the amount you saved this week (yeah, I do that too!) we want you to tell the world how much you saved!

Now you can publicly show off your grocery store bargains and brag with your receipt! Just fill out the Share Your Savings form and show you’re a smart shopper.

(Psst!–Don’t forget to add a link to your website too.)

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Shari is a freelance writer and speaker specializing in the topics of starting a home business, living richly on less, and the challenges of raising children while doing both.

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