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Who doesn’t like to nibble between meals now and then? There’s something special about the idea of snack time. It may be the sweet vs. savory. Or maybe most snack items are taboo for mealtime. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt about the wonderful goodness of snacking!

Snacks don’t have to be sodium-rich or fat saturated. The easiest way to avoid these items is not to buy them. Offer an alternative. Just because a large bag of chips is cheaper than a large bag of apples doesn’t mean eating healthy is out of our price range. Purchasing healthy snacks will not only save money on medical and dental bills, but a substantial snack of veggies or nuts is more filling than a candy bar.

Consider keeping the following on hand for healthy snacking:

  • Fruits: apples, bananas, raisins and other dried fruits
  • Veggies: carrots, celery and raw broccoli
  • Other: peanut butter, granola, nuts, pretzels, popcorn and yogurt

If you have picky eaters who only want sugary snacks, try to make the healthy foods listed above appealing. Make these items accessible and easy to fix.  My teenagers were more likely to grab a bowl of fruit if it was already cut up or convenient to eat.

What’s your favorite inexpensive snack item? What do you serve for snack time?

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