Types of Grocery Coupons

Grocery coupons have been around for decades and are still a highly popular method of placing purchasing incentives directly in the hands of the consumer. While methods of coupon distribution have evolved over the last century, there are two basic types of grocery coupons.

Manufacturer Coupons

The first most common type of grocery coupon is the manufacturer’s coupon, where the maker of a product offers a discount or savings on a particular item. The consumer can redeem the manufacturer’s coupon from any retailer that sells that item and accepts coupons. Retailers are usually reimbursed the face value, plus handling, by the issuing manufacturer. This type of grocery coupon can be found on product packaging, in magazines, coupon inserts, direct-mail campaigns or on the manufacturer’s website. Companies, such as RedPlum and SmartSource, that place coupon circulars within the Sunday newspaper also have printable online coupons available for download.

Store Coupons

Another type of grocery coupon is the store coupon. Retailers may offer coupon savings in store circulars, online or by other means of direct-mail. Store coupons may be issued for either store brand merchandise or national brands. In the case of the later, manufacturers generally provide the retailer an advertising allowance.

Anatomy of a grocery coupon

Whether the coupon was printed online or clipped from the newspaper, grocery coupons generally feature any of the following items:

  • Value of coupon
  • Item description
  • Limitations and Restrictions
  • Notice to consumer
  • Notice to retailer
  • Expiration date
  • Coupon bar code
  • Promotion code

Whether you use a manufacturer’s coupon or store coupon to save on groceries, be sure to always read the fine print and check the expiration date.

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